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Accelerate the development of your therapeutic. With in-depth knowledge of the iPSC workflow, our experts take your cells through reprogramming and complete iPSC validation or carry out individual workflow steps. Count on our three fully functional grade B cleanrooms with grade A cabinets, large grade D laboratory, advanced cell culture infrastructure, and GMP-compliant production to advance your work.

The complete iPSC workflow –
Custom iPSC generation & validation

Have a cell line or tissue you wish to use as starting material? Work with our experts to reprogram, expand and validate the resulting iPSCs via fully optimized workflows, integrated into our GMP-compliant quality control system.

Reprogramming cells to generate iPSCs

Establish pluripotent cell lines with our proprietary reprogramming protocols. Our reprogramming process builds on longstanding experience in iPSC generation. We ensure consistency of outcomes and confirm the vector-free state of resulting cell lines via whole genome sequencing.

Characterization, manipulation & release testing of iPSCs

Fully validate your iPSC line or contract individual assays in our three Grade A-in-B cleanrooms. Commission in-house manufacturing of differentiation products under GMP/ATMP conditions.

  • - Certified HLA typing and matching to our clinical-grade HLAh iPSC library
  • - Certified karyotyping and STR genotyping
  • - Next-generation gDNA sequencing
  • - GMP-compliant quantitative gene expression analysis
  • - GMP-compliant immunocytochemical characterization (flow cytometry & IF)
  • - GMP-compliant pluripotency assessment via three-germ layer differentiation
  • - Custom qPCR analyses
  • - Certified sterility, endotoxin, virus & mycoplasma testing

Spotlight: pluripotency assessment

Meso cells Endo cells Neuro cells
Pluripotency is assessed by differentiating iPSCs into all three germ layers (mesoderm [left], endoderm [middle], ectoderm [right]) to ensure neither manufacturing process nor cell culture system is biased toward one lineage.

Differentiation of iPSCs

Partner with our scientists to develop GMP-compliant differentiation protocols and workflows, followed by full characterization of the differentiation products. Then, collaborate with our production engineers to jointly manufacture GMP/ATMP-grade differentiated cells and tissues.

Cryopreservation & banking of iPSCs

Store your iPSCs or differentiation products in our state-of-the-art cryo storage facility. Climate-controlled and burglar-proof, our storage space features vapor-phase liquid nitrogen tanks that are temperature-monitored and connected to a robust emergency system.

Continuously monitored, our storage units are linked to a robust emergency system.
Continuously monitored, our storage units are linked to a robust emergency system.

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