Our Science

RHEINCELL iPSCs – clinical quality by source and design

Our iPSCs are intended for therapeutic use only. As such we have established cell lines with attributes that maximize their fitness for that purpose.

Consider a special case of our iPSCs:
HLA-homozyogous cell lines

Clinically collected, donor-consented starting material

Our starting material are CD34+ cells derived from umbilical cord blood that is clinically sourced and accompanied by explicit donor consent to use for therapeutics.

  • - Free of the ethical concerns that limit the use of embryonic stem cells
  • - Donor-consent to protect the scientific and commercial interests of our customers
  • - Controlled collection and extensive testing to ensure pathogen-free lines

Uniquely sourced to ensure genetic integrity

Cord blood cells have intact DNA. Karyotypes of our iPSC lines demonstrate the corresponding chromosome integrity. Accordingly, our iPSCs have a very low mutation load compared to alternative lines.

Karyotype and mutation load measured by whole genome sequencing demonstrate that our iPSCs maintain the genetic integrity of their source cord blood cells. Zoom

Indistinguishable from embryonic stem cells

By all measures, our iPSCs are practically identical to human embryonic stem cells (hESC), without the ethical concerns. Morphologically similar, the transcriptional profiles of our iPSCs show near perfect correlation to the profiles of their origin CD34+ cell lines and of hESCs.

Morphologically, our iPSCs are indistinguishable from human embryonic stem cells (hESC). A comparison of the transcriptomic profiles of our iPSCs, their source cord blood cells, and hESC corroborate the equivalency. Zoom