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RHEINCELL develops and manufactures GMP-grade human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) for the next generation of cell therapies. Our production pipeline focuses on high immune compatibility and low rejection potential, with a spotlight on solutions for off-the-shelf, allogeneic therapeutics. To that end, we have constructed a unique business framework: exclusive access to clinically approved and consented cord blood cells, proprietary cell reprogramming protocols, state-of-the-art cleanroom and cell culture facilities, GMP-compliant manufacturing processes, and a first-class community of iPSC workflow experts.

Our Team

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and engineers covers iPSC technology, stem cell differentiation, cell banking, medicine, and GMP production. Many of our scientists are internationally recognized experts in cellular reprogramming and stem cells research.

JUERGEN WEISSER Chief Executive Officer

JUERGEN WEISSER Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Juergen joined RHEINCELL in 2017. He has deep knowledge of finances, business strategy and M&A, gained from experience as CEO/CFO in various startup and mid-sized companies primarily in the life science industry. At RHEINCELL Juergen oversees all business activities and is responsible for legal, HR and business administration.

DR. KATJA ASCHERMANN Chief Operating Officer (COO)

DR. KATJA ASCHERMANN Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Katja joined RHEINCELL in 2019. Over the past 20 years, she has held various executive positions in the biopharmaceutical industry – from quality management and business development to business unit leadership and founding a startup. She brings strong knowledge in many aspects of business operations and has a proven track record in defining and implementing company strategies. At RHEINCELL Katja runs our quality department and is responsible for Regulatory Affairs and the further development of our service business.

DR. HABIL. BORIS GREBER Chief Scientific Officer

DR. HABIL. BORIS GREBER Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)
Boris joined RHEINCELL in 2018. He previously served as an independent research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine. Boris is internationally recognized with a 15-year track record in basic and applied human iPSC research. At RHEINCELL he heads our cell production and R&D activities.

PROFESSOR PETER WERNET Chief Strategic officer

THOMAS Marx Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)
Thomas joined RHEINCELL in 2019. Thomas has more than 25 years of global commercial management and leadership experience within the biopharmaceutical industry. His broad understanding of the scientific and regulatory environment is the critical basis for his role leading the business development strategy as well as sales activities and our partner management within RHEINCELL.


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