We manufacture clinical-grade pluripotent stem cells

The potential of cell therapies for hard-to-treat conditions has been limited by the complex and costly logistics of autologous treatments. Therapy cells are produced “from the patient, for the patient.”

Off-the-shelf, allogenic approaches – where treatments are manufactured from a healthy donor’s cells and used for multiple patients – have moved into the spotlight as a way to accelerate time-to-patient and reduce cost significantly. Boosting immune compatibility of donor cells and ensuring their fit for therapeutic purposes is critical to realize such advanced therapy medicinal products.

This is where RHEINCELL excels.

We produce GMP-grade human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) from a unique source of clinically-approved, donor-consented umbilical cord blood units. Furthermore, we expedite allogenic approaches with a collection of HLA-homozygous iPSCs that reduce transplant rejection. Partnering with innovative developers of off-the-shelf iPSC-based therapies, we advance cell therapies where they begin: at the cell.

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The advanced therapies market moves quickly with news, updates and breakthroughs every day. As a dynamic and engaged company, we continue to achieve milestones, bring novel ideas, products and services to customers, and expand our partnerships. Follow these developments and activities here on this news page.


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Rheincell will be at advanced therapies connect 2021

What: A virtual event with strong content agenda where an international network of suppliers, developers and providers of advanced therapies meet to forge collaborations and advance commercial cell-based therapies.

When: January 26 – 27, 2021


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RheinCell Therapeutics achieves milestone GMP certification

We are proud to announce that Rheincell has GMP certification and Manufacturing Authorization to supply clinical-grade iPSCs and thus, make a meaningful contribution to advancing cell therapies.

A special thank you goes out to our team who worked tirelessly to achieve this milestone.


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