Cord Blood as the Fetal Stem Cell Source
Cord Blood as the
Fetal Stem Cell Source
Standardized GMP-Grade Stem Cell Products for Predictive Toxicology and for Regenerative Medicine




Product description

Highly homogenous population of human iPSC-derived hepatocytes. These well-characterized, highly reproducible and off-the-shelf available human hepatocytes are ideal for use in preclinical drug development and toxicology related applications.


Long-term culture
• iPSC-derived hepatocytes remain functional for at
least 5 days.

Functional metabolism
• iPSC-derived cells with the key expression and enzymatic activity of hepatocytes.

• Low lot-to-lot variation due to validated production
resulting in highly homogenous populations.
• Continuous supply of material from a variety of genetic backgrounds.

• Fresh and frozen format providing biologically relevant and reproducible results.

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Product Pipeline

Retinal pigment epithelial cells (RPE)

Retinal pigment epithelial cells (RPE)

are a therapy product for age related macular degeneration (blindness).

RheinCell is developing RPE cells differentiated from HLA-homozygous cord blood (CB) derived iPS cells. Because of the juvenile nature of stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood and their HLA homozygosity, rejections are considered to be low compared to other cell sources. RheinCell reprograms CB-derived mesenchymal stroma cell populations and will differentiate them into RPE-cells in a clinical grade manufacturing process.

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CAR-T Cells

CAR-T Cells

The CAR-T cell therapy is the most important development project based on RheinCell’s existing resources and expertise. RCT plans to specifically produce Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cells from cord blood to provide therapeutics against acute leukemia and solid tumors (e.g. prostate cancer). The project offers the possibility to provide T-cells derived from reprogrammed HLA-homozygous cord blood with a modified CAR using the CRISPR/CAS technology, which is already in the application phase at RheinCell‘s collaboration partners.

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Stem Cell Products for Predictive Toxicology in Drug Development and for Regenerative Medicine.

Emergence of stem cell technologies provides new opportunities to build innovative cellular models. Here, the stem cells from cord blood are the perfect cell source for the production of standardized scalable in vitro test systems for hepatic cell toxicity assays and in particular in regenerative medicine due to their unique fetal cell physiology.

Equipped with many of the properties of human embryonic stem cells, fetal cord blood cells exhibit fundamental and unique cell biological advantages. These are profitably merchandized by RheinCell Therapeutics representing a unique selling proposition.

Primary Cell Bank

HLA homozygous Fetal Cord Blood Stem Cells

Secondary Cell Bank

iPS Cell Bank

Cell type-specific Cell Bank


Pigment Epithel


Product Targets





RheinCell Therapeutics (RCT) is positioning itself in the market for Cord Blood derived iPSC-based predictive toxicology for BIG PHARMA. The Primary Cord Blood HLA HAPLO-SEED-BANK is generating OFF-THE-SHELF iPSC-based Regenerative and Immuno-Therapeutics.

Key facts

Biomedical Company

• HLA Haplo Bank
• 3D cells systems
• Drug discovery / toxicology
• Regenerative therapeutics

Platform Technology
Reprogrammed cord blood (CB) stem cell products from HLA-homozygous CB donors

Private investors

GMP-conform clean room production laboratories

Unique selling position
FTO-based biologically unsurpassed fetal cell reprogramming pipeline

Off-the-shelf delivery of universally tissue-matched induced stem cell products for application in Pharma Industry and Cellular Therapies


Prof. Peter Wernet, MD Ph.D, Co-Founder, holds the responsibilities as CSO at RCT. For more than twenty years he was the founder and director of the Institute for Transplantation Diagnostics and Cell Therapeutics (ITZ) at the Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf. He also was Co-Founder and President (1997-2005) of the international NetCord Foundation.

Scientific Board

RCT is cooperating with high-ranking scientists:

Prof. Dr. Pablo Rubinstein, an internationally renowned immunogeneticist and regulatory expert is the director of the FDA-licenced National Cord Blood Program of the New York Blood Center in the USA.


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